The Quagmire

from Black Mirror: San Junipero



I love Black Mirror. ‘Bleak Mirror’ more like, amirite? Yes, obviously. Technology is here, it’s a dystopian future slash present and we’re all totally doomed. Excellent, where do I sign up?

So you’ve got the pig one, the robot killer bees one, the Groundhog Day torture one…then this happens. I’m not terminally ill or American and have never been a lesbian (despite what people may tell you) but I’m not going to lie – it’s my favourite one and I wasn’t prepared for it. And obviously in such an uplifting episode, I’m going to focus massively on the sex dungeon cesspit. Which is what I *assume* The Quagmire is. It’s probably that and a lot of other dark stuff. I bet it’s chock full of UKIP voters.

‘Uplifing episode’, he says. Basically everyone dies at the end. But to a Belinda Carlisle soundtrack, so it’s not all bad.

Sorry, spoilers. But really, you should’ve seen this by now.

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